Actions or intentions?

Yesterday only, my mother was sitting at the threshold of our house making seviyan from the dough. A man came to her and asked if she has seen any old lady here? My mother replied in negative. He was dressed in grey pants and shirt. He looked tensed and told my mother that the lady didn’t give him the fare. He was an autorickshaw driver and that lady asked him for waiting while she went away to arrange for the change. It was already about half an hour and she hadn’t come yet. What kind of humans are they! These people work all day long in the scorching heat for the sake of money. How can some people run away by taking the money they deserve. Heartless are they. The man cursed her.

The man stood for around five minutes while talking to my mother and then he left.

Few minutes had passed since he gone and an old lady wearing a saree came. Her hairs were greyish and she walked slowly, shifting more of her weight to one side. She was looking for someone. My mother told her that the driver (if whom she is looking for) just left after waiting for her. She looked dejected seeing the money in her hand!!

Now, this whole thing made me think that if our actions are really the proof of our intentions or not. There can be care behind a brutal deed and vice versa. But then, our actions are inspired by the intentions. And still they can be misleading about the same. Argh!! What do you see first, intention behind the action or the action that people do to mean their intentions!?

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Hello! First of all ,thank you for stopping by in this city and a heartfelt welcome to you. Myself Chetna,just an ordinarily different girl like you. At times ,I have literally tsunami of emotions in me about various things going on near me.And so here I am ,to calm down that tsunami ,so that the sea inside me can feel peace and have the pleasure of your ship sailing through it!! Here I will be posting my write ups , quotes and some of my favourite pick ups from the stories or novels. I will always be all ears on how you feel after and about reading my posts.So feel free to share your precious views .Hope you will have a good journey! Happy reading!❀

35 thoughts on “Actions or intentions?

  1. It is through one’s action we become aware of their intention. Also, action and intention goes hand in hand. Besides, we can only make a guess of someone’s intention based on their action and how we perceive their action. Hence, sometimes our conclusions about someone’s action could fail to accurately reflect their intention.

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  2. Chetna, I feel very sorry for both the driver and the passenger, Even the innocent bystander, the neighbor, must have felt sad. The driver lost his fare and believes the passenger had bad intentions. The old lady is probably frustrated that it took her so long to find the money and feels bad that the driver was cheated out of the fare. She is probably very embarrassed that the neighbor knows what happened. This is a lose, lose, lose scenario. Cheryl

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  3. The problem is good intentions are not enough for people. They have to shown through action. Rather they are both the same thing, an intention carried out is action, and an action conceived is intention. No good, if left incomplete. In this case though, it was confusion. Something must have gone wrong with the old woman to make her late, and the driver couldn’t wait. A lack of communication too. She had the intention, and she did act on it. So another facet to the problem. The time gap between intention getting converted to action. That was the issue. Oh, I have the whole mathematical equation now…but I won’t bore you with it. Enjoy your Sunday, Chetna…πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰πŸ€œπŸ€›πŸ™Œ

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    1. Oh wow! I liked how you decoded it all. I mean as if I wanted to hear something like this.
      Action intention are based on situation! We can’t ever treat any of these as an individual thing..
      And all of these matter from person to person.πŸ˜…
      Thank you so much Sundaram for this and really sorry for reverting back this late!!


  4. In this world almost all see the actions despite of intention..
    It’s all perception.. The same scene could be good for one and bad for the other.. But I always hope to see the intentions in positive me

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  5. I think ultimately our intention is what that matters. Yes, the rickshaw driver thought the old lady to be a cheater but God knows the truth and so nothing else matters. The lady might meet the same rickshaw driver again and would give the money then… If people will judge you incorrectly then God comes to justify you only if you’re right!

    Do you remember that story we’d read in Sanskrit about a passionate painter? When the painter had completed his fine masterpiece of the breathtaking mountains, he was so engrossed in admiring his work from all angles that he didn’t realise that he was slowly stepping backwards and backwards and was about to fall from the cliff. But another man who had seen this reverie of the painter rushed and criss crossed his painting thereby destroying it. The painter was so angry and shocked that he stopped abruptly and rushed to strangle the man. But then the man explained his intention behind his action which was to save the painter’s life. If the man would’ve called painter’s name, he might not have listen it or maybe turned around and would’ve still fallen. The only way to stop the painter was to break the enchantment between his painting and himself.
    The painter was so grateful to the man afterwards.
    So, intentions win over actions!

    Even if somebody’s action seems right for the time being but later the evil intentions behind it is revealed then that action won’t matter anymore. His/her intention would matter.

    This was a great anecdote to share. Is this as it is or you have made some changes?

    PS: I would love to eat the “seviyan” when I’ll visit you! πŸ˜€β€β€

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    1. First of all, thanks for stopping by here.πŸ˜ƒ
      It’s more about the situation, you know.
      And about this article of yours, it’s not just about yoga I feel. There is much more than that.πŸ˜ƒ
      So now you have asked me to give my feedback as an Indian more than a reader, and I feel the curiosity in you so I am gonna take time to give an honest feedback.

      Btw, from where did you collect so much of info? You must have had a pretty good research, right !πŸ˜ƒ

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      1. I am an old man, over many years I read many things. Sometimes I wonder what it is like to be another person. I watched Mahabharata television series three times, maybe my favorite after Battlestar Galactica!

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        1. I still don’t remember all the names, but at least I know who is who. I am brahmacarya because of Bhishma, and appreciate that even Krishna and the Pandavas sinned, and there is not really a happy ending.

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        2. Really!!?? You are that much inspired by him?
          That’s the thing with it. The grey things!! It makes it ..not- a -fairy- tale. And this is what everyone feels inspired by.


        3. Oh! I found it hard to bear the suspense and at one time I was like…watching even more than 5 episodes in a day!!πŸ˜‚
          You watched the one streamed on hotstar? And how many years you already know of it?

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        4. They have it on YouTube, missing a couple of episodes. Of course I read Mahabharata in many versions, first watched the TV series about 10 years ago, then again couple of years after and again a few years ago. This means it is almost time for me to rewatch! There is a wonderful animated movie, “Arjun” which I even made my children watch.

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        5. Ohhkay.
          I watched it only some months ago so I remember each and every bit of it, as far as I think.πŸ˜ƒ You know any bit of Hindi? I don’t know about this movie. I will search for it.


        6. I tried to learn Hindi, I know the numbers and read devnagari, but when I got diabetes I gave up my plans to move to Kashi to meditate and die. So I forgot all the Hindi with no practice.

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        7. Yepp, California Mojave Desert. I’ll just have to die here I guess. They say the Ganges is dirty now, I worry Mother Ganges will go away.

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        1. I don’t think anybody ever looked at my “About” page, but many people looked at my “About the Author” blog post. After three years, I don’t like blogging at all, or even reading other people’s blogs that much. There are thousands of people writing poetry, thousands of people writing recipes, about depression, relationships, travel, more or less boring lives. Can you imagine an old almost-hermit man living in the desert with nothing much to do except walk around and meditate and watch the telly? And my only link to the rest of the world is this awful blog, and just now you, Chetna. That is really funny!

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        2. People write what they see or feel around them. And that phase you have already passed in your life, I guess. Perhaps that’s why you feel no more interested in all that stuff.
          And ykw, what I feel the best part about blogging is that you can connect to different people around the world. Just like right now, I am talking to you, you see.

          To be really honest it is quite hard to imagine that in today’s world. I am curious to know how is it like to live that kind of life. No people around to make and noise. No things around to distract or attract.

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