Nothing special.

Well, I know that I wasn’t active here for past few days. The reason is…I don’t know. Or maybe I do. I was feeling strange for some reason and I literally didn’t feel like talking to anyone. But still I wanted to blurt out what was going on in my head to someone. At last I chose my own self for that. It helped to some extent.

And later I was feeling really lazy to even reply to the comments on my blog. This very fact made it even more sucking.Then I was like…just wait for the right time to come back. RIGHT TIME!!It never really happens. Isn’t it! You just have to collect yourself up no matter what.

And during all this process I missed you all! I wanted to talk to you. I couldn’t wait anymore. I didn’t want to. So finally, here we are.

And I have posted this tonight also because from tomorrow I don’t know how I am gonna feel! Is it just that I am thinking too much or something else?? I have just started to accept a change in my life and after some time I need to adapt to the old ‘n’ new normal back again!Β  Uff!! How I wish that this night doesn’t end so that I can have some more time like this. Holy crap!I have to see the sun as this night is just so stubborn!

P.S.– From now on, I might not be able to reply to your comments on time or to your posts. But I will try my best to not let this happen. I just hope that this won’t stop you from saying whatever you want to. It’s a sincere request that pleases don’t ask me anything about the last paragraph. I won’t be able to explain any of it. I know you will understand.

Thanks for being here.πŸ’«

Published by Chetna

Hello! First of all ,thank you for stopping by in this city and a heartfelt welcome to you. Myself Chetna,just an ordinarily different girl like you. At times ,I have literally tsunami of emotions in me about various things going on near me.And so here I am ,to calm down that tsunami ,so that the sea inside me can feel peace and have the pleasure of your ship sailing through it!! Here I will be posting my write ups , quotes and some of my favourite pick ups from the stories or novels. I will always be all ears on how you feel after and about reading my posts.So feel free to share your precious views .Hope you will have a good journey! Happy reading!❀

24 thoughts on “Nothing special.

  1. I know the feeling, Chetna. I’ve been there and done that. At times, it feels so tiring. You keep pushing it for later and then eventually there’ll be a mountain of comments to respond to. That’s okay. Take your time. This too shall pass. Hang in there. I’ve missed your posts but I understand that you need some time away. We’re here for you either way. Don’t worry about it.

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    1. Yeah.
      This too shall passs. Ahh! I wish it does soon.πŸ™ƒ
      I would be posting soon, Shweta! Thanks a ton for this. It just feels so nice to hear from you.


  2. I relate to you Chetna, I can feel every thing you said. I’ve been there. And I know we don’t feel like talking to anyone.
    None of us would ask you what’s wrong, don’t worry.

    Engross yourself in something you love, and always know we are here for you.
    You can count on us anytime.
    Take care dear πŸ€—

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    1. I have been figuring out which is that ‘something’!πŸ˜„
      Thank you so much Rashmiii. I am already counting upon!!πŸ™ˆ
      Seeeeeee yooouuu arounnd.


  3. Chetna, I totally get you! I’ve been there or more like I’m too walking through a similar rough patch. But don’t stress yourself, it’s okay to take a break and we’re here and we’ll be here. Take care, Chetna!

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  4. Chetnaaaaaaa…
    I don’t know how to say this…but I feel so connected to you. I’ve been in the same situation in no talking mode, feeling clueless..aimless days back.
    And trust me you have all the time for yourself and whenever you’ll come here you will find us welcoming you with extending arms.
    Take your own time. Let the emotions flow. May be nothing but it will make you feel something.
    Take care of yourself.

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    1. You want me to cry Anushkaaa!!?πŸ˜‚
      You know what, it’s been strangely good to find you all relating to this post. I feel like there is no need of words but still I feel like pouring them out. And they come out automatically.
      I just wish that you don’t have to go all through that again. But ykw, I know that we all will be into same thing again. It is needed at times.🀐
      I am already feeling something for you.πŸ˜‚
      Thanks a ton Anushkaaa for being here and sending your love.


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