I know

I know that my eyes are gonna follow your footsteps.

I know that my heart’s gonna race faster when I see you.

I know I would be looking longer than usual at your name written.

I know that I won’t be able to stop looking at your face from the corner of my eyes.

I know I’d be trying to behave normal when you are near me. And yes! I know that you ain’t gonna read any of this.

Rather, you are not capable to be in the audience to my heart.

Now, talking about all this is in vain. I know I sound like I am insane.

Crap! Just let it be, like you always do. If I am no-one then who are you? I never expected you to hurt me neither I hope you to make any heal. But just lemme know, how the hell do you stop what you feel!?

Thanks for reading.πŸ’«

Published by Chetna

Hello! First of all ,thank you for stopping by in this city and a heartfelt welcome to you. Myself Chetna,just an ordinarily different girl like you. At times ,I have literally tsunami of emotions in me about various things going on near me.And so here I am ,to calm down that tsunami ,so that the sea inside me can feel peace and have the pleasure of your ship sailing through it!! Here I will be posting my write ups , quotes and some of my favourite pick ups from the stories or novels. I will always be all ears on how you feel after and about reading my posts.So feel free to share your precious views .Hope you will have a good journey! Happy reading!❀

49 thoughts on “I know

    1. I also wanna learn Bengali now, I always read Chetna’s comment on your blog and vice versa to see what new is there in Bengali.
      Earlier I wasn’t, but now I am fond of this language, I also wanna learn.

      Chetna you too speak so well haa ab!
      Yeshu ab Meri turn haa!

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  1. Your posts take a gear change, from the middle somewhere and I love that in your writings. Like in this .. after the four β€œI know”s there is a change in tone! So beautifully written, Chetna!

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  2. Just to answer your question!
    We never stop feeling, we just stop expressing. This is what I know now. Lovers gonna love all the way.

    This is a beautiful poem Chetna, love is overflowing in this.
    I absolutely loved each and every line that’s written over here.
    Just Beautiful πŸ™‚πŸ™‚βœ¨βœ¨

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  3. The emotions of your words blossomed like a beautiful rose blooms amidst the thorns. Your poem splendidly described how something beautiful can be created out of a painful experience. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post!

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  4. We can’t change the feelings we have for someone. But yes we try to suppress them by different ways if we are not destined to be together. But a glimpse at anything related to him/her can again turn on the flood of emotions which we held deep within our hearts. And that’s very normal. Happens almost with everyone. But again the dark clouds of sadness gathers us and we once again we feel that same emotional pain ☹️

    But one day when you’ll find someone who will give you the same love in return to what u offer all this pain will soon turn into happiness πŸ˜‡ and believe me that will be incomparable.

    Till then don’t be so harsh on yourself but at the same time don’t let yourself flow into fantasies that can never be fulfilled.
    Focus on things you love ❀ to do

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    1. All that you wrote in first paragraph is a truth. We suppress the memories but they do have their way of striking back again.

      I don’t wish for that day to come, Komal.
      Fantasies are clouded by realities..for good, I guess.πŸ˜‚ I am finding that out still.
      Thanks Komal pouring your heart out here. And for your best wishes, like always.πŸ’œ

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  5. Ah…! The mind knows the right thing to do. The heart doesn’t. The mind tells you to avoid the feelings, but the heart survives on it. Close your eyes, and feel the feelings. That’s the only way your soul can communicate with you…. πŸ™‚

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