The cold of uncertainties surround me, the hopes in which I seek warmth are now falling short of life.The dreams appear shallower as I feed them of false assurance. Why am I being so negative? Is it a mere anticipation of what is yet to come or prediction of what is about to come?I don’tContinue reading “Worst”

I know

I know that my eyes are gonna follow your footsteps. I know that my heart’s gonna race faster when I see you. I know I would be looking longer than usual at your name written. I know that I won’t be able to stop looking at your face from the corner of my eyes. IContinue reading “I know”

For this moment..!

There is nothing left for doing any haste,But nor do I have any moments to waste.This time, pull me close, hug me tight. Bury me inside.For this moment which we’ve got, take me with you somewhere out of this world’s sight.I can hear your heartbeat in my ears. No need to say a word. Let’sContinue reading “For this moment..!”

Nothing special.

Well, I know that I wasn’t active here for past few days. The reason is…I don’t know. Or maybe I do. I was feeling strange for some reason and I literally didn’t feel like talking to anyone. But still I wanted to blurt out what was going on in my head to someone. At lastContinue reading “Nothing special.”


Sky felt lonely, so she went up in the sky to give a company. They both enjoyed together. That’s what the kites thought. But soon the kite started falling away from the sky, her love! The sky knew that he will be getting another one soon and the kite? She was torn apart, now sheContinue reading “kiTeS..”

Actions or intentions?

Yesterday only, my mother was sitting at the threshold of our house making seviyan from the dough. A man came to her and asked if she has seen any old lady here? My mother replied in negative. He was dressed in grey pants and shirt. He looked tensed and told my mother that the ladyContinue reading “Actions or intentions?”

Will you still love me?

I am not that dancer whose every step drips off the dazzling grace to take your breath away.I am not that singer who can melt your heart by singing songs of togetherness in her melodious voice.I am not that artist who can take you by awe by her effortless strokes on the canvas and takeContinue reading “Will you still love me?”


Friends are the ones whom we just can’t deny.Coz they are the ones on whom we can relyThey not only provide the shoulders to cryBut also a wide open sky…For us to breathe, relax and rise high..Up in the air and fly…In the space free from judgements and notionsBut held with sentiments and emotions.Till weContinue reading “Friends!”

You know what..

You are not a puppet of their expectations,You are not a piece to fit in the puzzle of their imaginations,You don’t have to be the answer to their senseless questions,You are not bound to follow their so called suggestions,For the wrong you haven’t done, you don’t have to make the confessions,Those who take you forContinue reading “You know what..”

I promise…

In front of me, you don’t need to pretend to be okay. I know that you are quiet just because you want to and not that you don’t have anything to say.And please stop all this fake smiling. As you know what, you are the worst at acting. Come here. Let’s sit together. Look atContinue reading “I promise…”


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