Friends are the ones whom we just can’t deny.
Coz they are the ones on whom we can rely
They not only provide the shoulders to cry
But also a wide open sky…
For us to breathe, relax and rise high..
Up in the air and fly…
In the space free from judgements and notions
But held with sentiments and emotions.
Till we find the comfort we are looking for
And our tears feel sore!!
Till our hearts are ready to feel and the wounds agree to heal!
A relationship so holy pious, and true
Ohh !
How it would have been if there weren’t you!
Blessed by such amazing friends..
when we’re together ..we become short of our sense!
Let’s all make a promise to never be apart..
And to strengthen the tied strings of heart!
To never forget each other and
to spend the years to come .. together!!
Friendship is good when having good friends..but it gets better when it’s true..and even better when it means YOU!

I am grateful to have made some awesome friends hereon WP and you are one of them. Although I haven’t seen you but still there is a connect with you all. I am really happy to have met you, to say the least. Happy Friendship Day!😅

Thank you!

You know what..

You are not a puppet of their expectations,
You are not a piece to fit in the puzzle of their imaginations,
You don’t have to be the answer to their senseless questions,
You are not bound to follow their so called suggestions,
For the wrong you haven’t done, you don’t have to make the confessions,
Those who take you for granted, don’t deserve your care and attention,

You know what
You are an unique creation, and
You are awesome, for your kind information.
You just have to try and become who you want to be,
And remember no one else, but you are the master of your own destiny!

Thanks for reading!💜

I promise…

In front of me, you don’t need to pretend to be okay. I know that you are quiet just because you want to and not that you don’t have anything to say.
And please stop all this fake smiling. As you know what, you are the worst at acting.

Come here. Let’s sit together. Look at me.
No. Don’t stop them from coming out of your eyes. Let them also be free.
Cry, scream or shout if you feel like. For once, just let go of this burden that you carry.
Dear, I know ’tis difficult but you aren’t alone. We will find a way even through this pain and agony.

See those stars, sitting in the lap of that dark sky.
They burn inside but still shine for us to see. Surrounded by darkness all around but the light within them speaks of their glory.
Let’s sit like this till the stars sleep and the sun sets.

The sun, moon and the stars are eternal;
but they can’t be with you whenever you want them to.
Stars will light only in the night and the sun will shine only when it’s day.
But no matter of night and day in your life,
I promise I will be the one to stay!!

Thanks for reading!

Who is she?

I remember when i was a little girl, they said I had sparkling eyes and a smile like a pearl,

I hopped and jumped in and around the house, I had nothing to hide, I was pure and clear.

All i knew was to be carefree .

Do you also remember the time of your life when it was full of joy and glee?

When you cried but your tears could be seen, when you cried but didn’t feel grief. When your anger and pain was just for a moment of brief.

Do you remember it still?

And now i find a girl standing in the mirror, looking at me! But i wonder, do i really know her? Who is she?

She is wearing specs ,hair not so set, her eyes containing stories uncountable,

Of people who came and stayed and the people who came but left, of the people who forgot her and the people whom she wants to forget.

Inside her is a house of secrets that she has kept, some of which are dark and some full of depth.

She has fears of losing her loved ones , to think of a life without them..she can’t even dare! But i wonder that is she actually being selfish or just that she cares?

She is a hell, she is a mess. You better stay away from this source of stress!!
Beware! ‘Coz if you come near you might not be able to bear the pain.
You see, I am warning you beforehand. Later, don’t complain.

She can make you have peace with your thoughts, irrespective of being tangled herself with the same. She is indeed a mystery to me which i just can’t explain.

She is no more pious and clean as she used to be, sometimes a hypocrite, sometimes fearful of troubles,

but she is also a friend, to count upon as trustworthy, who will never leave you, no matter of the happiness or the agony.

I again look deep into her eyes, and now i find a touch of innocence and sincerity!

And yet again i wonder, do I really know her? IS SHE ME??

Feel free to catch up in the comments section for sharing your views and opinions.


सज़ा ….

हमने तो उन्हें बेझिझक बोलने की इजाज़त दी थी
ओर वो बिन सोचे समझे बोलने की गु़स्ताखी कर बैठे
अंजाम कुछ यूँ हुआ कि
जिस दोस्ती के सहारे कभी जिए थे हम,
अब लगने लगा कि हमने कोई गलती तो नही करदी ?

दुख तो इस बात का है कि उन्हें अंदाज़ा भी नहीं था कि उनसे खता भी हुई थी,
और हमे कोई ये बतादे कि हमे किस खता की सज़ा मिली थी!!!

I allowed him to feel free to say,but he made the mistake of speaking without thinking. The consequence was that the friendship which I lived with, seemed like a mistake. He doesn’t even feel that he committed any mistake, and someone tell me for which mistake of mine I was being punished.

I wrote the above on last 30th December, to be precise. There was something that was making me feel sick and then this was what I came up with. Maybe for them, it wasn’t a big deal, but we don’t have much control over what we feel! But now I am fine. Of course you just can’t hold on to things and lament upon them. And then time is a healer. Isn’t it!

I hope that you liked reading it. By the way, I also got to learn that typing in Hindi can take more time than we think of. 😉

Thanks for reading💜 and do share your views.

Alive or dead?

Heya! Hope you all are doing good.

We dream. We think . We want. We yearn.

We try. We fail. We fall. It hurts. We  cry. We drown in the sea.

Those who manage to come out of the sea are too alive to be dead again and dead enough to be swayed by the life shown to them. Those who are still in there, can neither live nor die.

Are you learning to survive in the sea or you are dead even on the land??

P.S. This one was really quite random. How did you find it? Do share your thoughts and views in the comments section. Waiting to hear from you! Thanks for reading.✨💜


C’mon let’s meet to have some coffee..

No, there won’t be anyone else,it is just for you and me.

And yes ,don’t carry your phone , for today can you keep it at home?

No haste for the pics and the selfie to be clicked, we will save this moment on the memory of our hearts instead, which will be everlasting and will never end..

We both will look for each other amongst the crowd,

Just as we did when we were in school,

me waiting for you beneath the neem tree,checking my watch ,and eyes on the work restlessly,

But you were nowhere to be seen, until you nearly shouted in my ears standing close to me .

I felt angry at once but relieved also , for I had you by my side, finally.

We will drink the coffee at the terrace, our favourite place!

We will talk together,about each other, and reminisce the time we shared ,about how you bunked you classes to meet me,the late night chats and laugh remembering how we managed to watch together our first movie.

I know that we can’t promise each other to be together forever, for we can’t decide what is held by the future .

But let’s just live this moment together, and add on a memory to cherish when we will grow older.

So,this evening don’t make me wait by coming late ,

I can’t wait anymore to be with you and drink this delicious coffee , which is ready and just waiting for you and me….


#FrIeNds foReVeR…

We were friends for years and lived together, and we will continue , even in the future.

Just one accident, and a matter of few seconds ,and they say that you are dead. i know they are lying. You won’t leave me like this. Come on! Wake up! Don’t be quite .Say something…

why don’t you say anything? Are you gone?

No ,you can’t betray! You don’t have the right to be my life and then just go away.

You said ,you will never leave me alone in the darkness. You don’t have the right to be my sun, and then disappear , and making the darkness be my eternal companion.

You said you won’t let me cry but you don’t have the right to be the reason for me to smile and then bid me good-bye.

You don’t have the right to be the reason for my heart to beat and then break and hurt it.

Okay!! You don’t wanna speak to me and keep sitting in that heaven quietly. But remember ,you can leave me alone ,physically ,only. For you are still prisoned in my heart and soul. From there you can’t be ever free.

You promised that you will always be there. I won’t let you break it ,so easily.

i will find you in the downpour ,which soothes me. I will find you in the sunshine that heals me. I will find you in the star of my dark sky, that shines bright. I will find you wherever I can feel me!!

They say you can’t live any longer, but you don’t have the right to die ,either.

coz you lost it the moment when we pledged together, TO BE THE FRIENDS FOREVER.



Hello folks.

Have you ever thought about what would the world be like without the words? It would have been peaceful ,no fights , no differences. But at the same time how hollow it would have been, as we wouldn’t be able to say , to talk , to chat, to share our feelings and above all to EXPRESS.

Words are powerful to pierce through the heart , they can mend the relations that are broken apart.

They can be the medicine to your unseen wound, and can open the door of love which no luxury has ever found.

Words can also wage a war, between family ,between friends,

and even those ,who say they love each other,

and make promises to be together forever.

Isn’t it strange that some words can make them forget,

the vows they did make, as if they were all fake.

And at the end ,all they land up with is only regret!

Words are used for encouragement and motivation,

they are the medium to show your love and affection.

But ,words also betray, don’t they?

when they fail to express your emotions,

when they are misjudged by people ,overlooking your intentions.

Your words can either make you kind or rude.

You can use them to show your superiority as well as gratitude,

You know what ,speaking wisely is also a technique,

which you too can master just by thinking before you speak.

Words are like a glass ,in which you can pour the love or hate,

And do remember that,

no one but YOU can empower the words either to DESTROY or to CREATE!!

I hope that my words were able to make you think about the world which you have made for your words!


The life of a FRAGRANCE!!

Hello folks!

When I saw this topic of fragrance , to write poetry on (for a competetion),literally I was like ” how come anyone can write a poem on fragrance?”, i didn’t have a clue. But later on ,few ideas popped up in my mind and then i tried to go ahead .FINALLY, after a great deal of thinking ,I had been able to pen down a poem on the life of a fragrance.

So here it goes…..

I take birth in nature’s lap ,shielded by the sky ,unbound and surrounded by the greenery all around.

My birth is a thing of celebration for one and all, everyone comes to visit me without any call.

i love to dance and travel, and go past the streets ,lanes and different places

To name a few, near the vanilla tree or a rose flower.

i also lie dormant in sand and wake up when i meet that heavenly downpour.

My parents never try to confine me, i go where ever i want to go,

i live my life with full liberty!

My presence is cherished ,and my absence passes into nothingness,

You see, i am always a source of cheers and happiness.

But ,there are some wicked creatures,

who come into my home and crushes my parents brutally,

they pluck them, they break them, and then rob me of my liberty

I feel helpless and wonder at the thought,

that how can people claim anything over which they have no right.

i cry for help ,but my tears fail to reach their sight!

and my happy family is shattered at the hands of their misery !

They enjoy trapping me in their opulent and ostentatios bottles,

and limits my access only to those who have money.

they insist me to live and make me eat chemicals and medicines,

Oh god! when would these men realise the magnitude of their sins!

i can neither be seen nor be heard, but you can still feel my essence.

My parents didn’t give me a name ,but i heard people calling me as ‘fragrance’.

So, I hope that you too did feel this journey of the unseen and the unheard!!


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