Hello folks.

Have you ever thought about what would the world be like without the words? It would have been peaceful ,no fights , no differences. But at the same time how hollow it would have been, as we wouldn’t be able to say , to talk , to chat, to share our feelings and above all to EXPRESS.

Words are powerful to pierce through the heart , they can mend the relations that are broken apart.

They can be the medicine to your unseen wound, and can open the door of love which no luxury has ever found.

Words can also wage a war, between family ,between friends,

and even those ,who say they love each other,

and make promises to be together forever.

Isn’t it strange that some words can make them forget,

the vows they did make, as if they were all fake.

And at the end ,all they land up with is only regret!

Words are used for encouragement and motivation,

they are the medium to show your love and affection.

But ,words also betray, don’t they?

when they fail to express your emotions,

when they are misjudged by people ,overlooking your intentions.

Your words can either make you kind or rude.

You can use them to show your superiority as well as gratitude,

You know what ,speaking wisely is also a technique,

which you too can master just by thinking before you speak.

Words are like a glass ,in which you can pour the love or hate,

And do remember that,

no one but YOU can empower the words either to DESTROY or to CREATE!!

I hope that my words were able to make you think about the world which you have made for your words!


The life of a FRAGRANCE!!

Hello folks!

When I saw this topic of fragrance , to write poetry on (for a competetion),literally I was like ” how come anyone can write a poem on fragrance?”, i didn’t have a clue. But later on ,few ideas popped up in my mind and then i tried to go ahead .FINALLY, after a great deal of thinking ,I had been able to pen down a poem on the life of a fragrance.

So here it goes…..

I take birth in nature’s lap ,shielded by the sky ,unbound and surrounded by the greenery all around.

My birth is a thing of celebration for one and all, everyone comes to visit me without any call.

i love to dance and travel, and go past the streets ,lanes and different places

To name a few, near the vanilla tree or a rose flower.

i also lie dormant in sand and wake up when i meet that heavenly downpour.

My parents never try to confine me, i go where ever i want to go,

i live my life with full liberty!

My presence is cherished ,and my absence passes into nothingness,

You see, i am always a source of cheers and happiness.

But ,there are some wicked creatures,

who come into my home and crushes my parents brutally,

they pluck them, they break them, and then rob me of my liberty

I feel helpless and wonder at the thought,

that how can people claim anything over which they have no right.

i cry for help ,but my tears fail to reach their sight!

and my happy family is shattered at the hands of their misery !

They enjoy trapping me in their opulent and ostentatios bottles,

and limits my access only to those who have money.

they insist me to live and make me eat chemicals and medicines,

Oh god! when would these men realise the magnitude of their sins!

i can neither be seen nor be heard, but you can still feel my essence.

My parents didn’t give me a name ,but i heard people calling me as ‘fragrance’.

So, I hope that you too did feel this journey of the unseen and the unheard!!


To LOVE her…….

To love her means to sacrifice,to convert the mine into ours,

To find the beauty even in her scars,

To be with her like the sky is with the stars,

To love her is to share her silent screams so that she can open herself up and rejoice the beauty of life,

To love her is to enjoy the dark with her when she sees no light,

To be the string if she’s the kite,so that she can have a flight ,

Away from the menacles of all the agony and the fright.

To love her is to let her feel that you are near even when you are far,

As when hearts are connected,the network isn’t a bar.

To love her means to set her free from the prison, surrounded by judgements ,excuses and reason.

To hold her hand tight when she is left alone by everyone,

To love her is to give her space more than the light,

As to Love her is to be her sky more than her sun.

Can anyone love her like this? If yes then she’s going to have the heaven’s bliss!!

But what if it is a fiction? Well I guess love is too unpredictable for landing at any conviction.

So don’t give birth to any expectations if you want to save yourself from the affliction.

All the best wishes your way…


#mis TAKES!!


Actually ,the moment I decided to share the quote about mistakes and perfections on my blog,I observed some extra activity in my mindπŸ˜‚. It had words in it flying here and there that too without my permission ( it happens oftenπŸ˜›) and eventually to my surprise they fell into their right place at last!😁.

And I had no choice but to pen them down ….so here they are..

Commiting mistakes lavishly doesn’t mean repeating them again and again,

If you do so,you’ll be told as insane.

But it means to face every new thing coming your way like an intrepid,

And never worry about if something goes wrong,

‘Coz mistakes will never leave you hand off,

They would offer the lessons that will be loyal and won’t leave you lifelong.

But the choice is with you whether to accept the offer or deny it,

And if you are wise enough, the choice won’t be at all tough!

And mind it that…

the fact that you learnt something even though not in the first go is a lot easier to buy,

Than the one that you were a gutless, milksop and a coward person to even try!!

I hope that just like me , you too would find some strength form the above poem for trying something you are uncertain for and embracing your mistakes.

Keen to hear your opinions about the poem.



Hii! I just wanted to share this beautiful quote with you all.

If you are more fortunate than others ,it;s better to build a longer table than a taller fence.


Many a times we find ourselves complaining about what we don’t have ,and just compare ourselves with the folks who are better off than us.

BUT, we often ignore the truth that there are also people for whom we are better off, and our small actions can be a source of cheers and delight to them and become a way for us to find content and peace!!!

Would like to end up by saying…..

A big home doesn’t matter much ,but a large heart does!

Come on now , don’t just sit and read but go to find the persons you are going to invite on your enlarged table!!

Have a great time!!❀️

Isolation Ride…

What does isolation mean?

Is it being sad and alone?

No,isolation is a reunion,

Of thee and thyself ,which seems long forgotten,

Thanks to the desire of thriving in this unending competition.

It is an opportunity for you to be with you,

And realise your innerself which is so pious and true.

It is owing the independence from the shackles of the world,

It is a chance to be in your own place,

To introspect that where you are actually heading in this rat race.

Isolation is an opportunity to admire the beauty around and within,

To feel your own pulse

and listen the heart that beats,

the voices of birds and insects,

And hear those unsaid words.

And to pat your back for the distance you have successfully covered from where you began,

Its the moment during whch you cant help becoming your own fan!!

Isolation is not a curse but a blessing.

Photo by Leo Cardelli on Pexels.com

Isolation takes you to your inner world,

Where lie various thoughts and feelings entangled and unheard,

where you have your love kept preserved,

where you can have the relief which u always deserved,

My friend ,isolation is a journey of freedom ,

Which is waiting just for your permission

To take you on a mission

Of self exploration,

To make you visit to your own heart and brain,

to be a lil’ sad from the hidden pain,

To be a lil’ mad and insane

And to have a word with this gorgeous person ,

who is one of the Almighty’s finest creation.

Photo by Marius Venter on Pexels.com

So, whenever the isolation will knock at your door ,

Welcome it with arms held open and wide,

And do remember this friend of yours ,on your upcoming ISOLATION RIDE!!

Till then have a great day .

Happy Reading!πŸ’œ

The Eternal Gift

No matter what the odds are

I always find her by my side,

Although the wins and achievements were in my name,

But she was the one who gleamed with pride.

For the catastrophes approaching my way,

I couldn’t care lesser,

For I know that I won’t be alone ‘coz she will always be there.

Her gentle hands caress me whenever I feel weak,

She is the only sun my sky knows when it becomes dark and bleak,

I can’t even measure what all she’s sacrificed so far,

She possesses the virtues of fortitude,endurance and patience knowing no bars,

She is the wide earth for me to walk,

turquoise sea offering depth of peace,

Radiant sun for me to be warm,

And the seamless sky for me to breathe .

The God too marvels at His mystique creation,

Who carries in her a world of love beyond any imagination.

I used to wonder if there can be any other like her,

Then I heard the voice from within

“No ,It is impossible

For anyone else to even be compared

Let alone be similar to her.

She is a blessing to you from the almighty

That comes only to the fortunate.”

That time my little innocent heart did discover,

The eternal gift in the name of my mother!!

About me!

First of all ,thank you for stopping by in this city and a heartfelt welcome to you.πŸ’πŸŒΉ
Myself Chetna,just an ordinarily different girl like you. At times ,I have literally tsunami of emotions in me about various things going on near me. And so here I am ,to calm down that tsunami ,so that the sea inside me can feel peace and have the pleasure of your ship sailing through it!!

Here I will be posting my write ups , quotes and some of my favourite pick ups from the stories or novels. I will always be all ears on how you feel after and about reading my posts. So feel free to share your precious views .
Hope you will have a good journey!

Happy Reading!!❀

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